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Swing Trading using the 4-hour chart 3 Manuscripts Part 1: Introduction to Swing Trading Swing trading is too fast for investors and too slow for day traders. It takes place on a timeframe in which you will find very few professionals traders. Swing traders usually use 4-hour charts.

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This period falls exactly between that of the investor and the day trader. As a swing trader, you are prone to sit on the fence, and that's good, because here you are almost alone.

Swing Trading using the 4-hour chart 1-3

This book describes the swing trading method of the Heikin Ashi Trader. It is ideal for individual investors who do not want to sit all day in front of the computer screen.

Why should you trade using the 4-hour chart? Which markets are suitable for swing trading?

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  4. Задержав дыхание, Элвин ждал момента, ведомого из всего человечества лишь ему - момента, когда оживет и затрепещет первая звезда.
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What instruments you can swing trade? Part 2: Trade the Fake!

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In the second part of the series "Swing Trading using the book forex scalping chart" the Heikin Ashi Trader speaks about the phenomenon of stop fishing and Fakeouts as well as the many deceptions that major players and algorithms stage in today's financial markets.

These often seem more the rule than the exception. A feint at its finest!

Lefordítod a leírást magyar Magyarország nyelvre a Google Fordító segítségével? Then learn with Forex Trading Book! It has everything you need to become a confident and skillful trader. Learn to buy stocks and navigate the financial markets.

How to identify fakes? How do I trade Fakes? Once a trader stops introducing stops, he will discover that his hit rate will worsen.

FOREX is the largest financial market in the world with daily trading volume that can surpass 4 trillion dollars a day. This is perhaps the single largest factor for why many try to tackle this widely untapped means of investing. The countless opportunities are too great to ignore, which lead the majority to try this exciting market only to be left tasting their own defeat. Many of these aspiring traders jump into this market without a plan and usually fall subject to the psychological failures of trading: fear and greed.

However, by doing this he gains full control of the trade management. Stops are therefore not unavoidable, but remain an integral part of a trading system that is profit-oriented. Table of Book forex scalping Are Stops Necessary?

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What Is a Stop Loss Order? Glossary About the author: Heikin Ashi Trader is the pen name of a trader who has more than 17 years of experience in day trading futures and foreign exchange. He specializes in scalping and fast day trading. In addition to this, he has published multiple self-explanatory books on his trading activities.

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Popular topics are on: scalping, swing trading, money- and risk management.