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    Its goal was to better mobilize knowledge stored in heterogeneous databases for users with various backgrounds, forex square turku locations and situations. The working hypothesis of the project was that fuzzy mathematics combined with domain-specific data models, in other words, forex square turku ontologies, would help manage the uncertainty in finding informa- tion that matches the users needs. In this paper we describe an industrial demonstration of fuzzy ontologies in information retrieval in the paper industry where problem solving reports are annotated with keywords and then stored in a database for later use.

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    Furthermore, using Bellmann-Zadehs principle to fuzzy decision-making we will show a method for identifying keyword dependencies in the keyword taxonomic tree. Konferencia helye, ideje: Bali, Indonzia, Bali: Udayana University Press, We will show some necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of possibilistic mean value and variance for quasi fuzzy numbers.

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    Considering the standard exponential probability distribution as a quasi fuzzy number we will compare the possibilistic and the probabilistic correlation coefficients. Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing; It can be useful for researchers and students working in soft computing, real options, fuzzy decision making, grid computing, knowledge mobilization and mobile value services.

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    Fggetlen idz: 26 sszesen: 26 1 A probabilistic approach to possibilistic risk aversion In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference onComputing and Convergence Technology. IEEE, ISBN pp.

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